Sacred Sights


example graphic San Francisco Peaks (near Flagstaff, AZ), the Navajo sacred mountain of the west, called Dook'o'ooslííd in the Navajo language. San Francisco Peaks has had a considerable religious significance to thirteen local American Indian tribes (including the Havasupai, Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni).

Oak Creek Canyon into the Sonoran Desert of Northern Arizona to Sedona. Oak Creek Canyon (le canyon du ruisseau du chêne) dans le désert de Sonora au nord de l'Arizona jusqu'à Sedona. Sedona est connu pour ses paysages étonnants et est considéré comme un des pôles spirituels de la Terre. Il est recommandé de faire une excursion au travers des formations de roches rouges et à Bell Rock (le rocher de la cloche), un vortex énergétique.

example graphic Canyon de Chelly was once the stronghold of the Navajos during the Indian Wars and once harbored the ancient Anasazi Pueblo culture. White House Ruins, a prominent Anasazi cultural dwelling site, was built in the alcove of the canyon walls. Beautiful canyons with sheer walls of several hundred feet rising from the canyon floor have been the subject of visitors from the world over. Canyon de Chelly encompasses three major canyons now preserved as an archeological sanctuary of 1,500 years of human occupancy, containing early cliff dwellings, pithouses, petroglyphs, and rock drawings of the pre-historic Anasazi and historic Navajo periods. The Navajo's enduring traditional lifestyle still abounds within the canyons as the people farm the fertile valleys, occupy traditional hogans, and caretake this sacred monument. A visit into the mystery and spirit of the canyon is to transcend time and ponder Indigenous culture from the Navajo perspective. It is within this canyon that the Holy Ones taught the Navajo how to live. For millennia the Navajo People have been coming to the canyon to receive the great strength and power that is found there.

example graphic Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, a spectacular red sandstone monolith, the home of Spider Woman, an honored deity in the Dine' Cosmology. It was she who taught the Navajo the craft of weaving.

example graphic Shiprock is called "Rock with Wings" or "Winged Rock" by the native Navajo, and this magnificent rock formation is located on Navajo Nation land. The rock monument is sacred to the Navajo people. Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico about 12 miles southwest of the town of Shiprock, this towering rock formation rises some 1,800 feet above the surrounding high desert plane.

example graphic Navajo National Monument View Anasazi cliff dwellings from the rim of canyon.


example graphic Cibola National Forest & Turquoise Mountain (Tsoodzíl - Mt. Taylor) Turquoise Mountain (Mt. Taylor), or Tsoodzíl in the Navajo Language, is one of the foremost Mountains in the Dine' cosmology.

example graphic Chaco Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage and premier site of Pueblo culture between AD 850 - 1250. The Pueblo Peoples of New Mexico, the Hopi of Arizona, and the Navajo all have cultural and spiritual ties to this once major urban site renown for its remarkable ceremonial buildings, engineering projects, astronomy, artistic achievement, and distinctive architecture. Native Americans from the Four Corners region return to Chaco Canyon today on pilgrimages to honor their ancestors. It is here that the Nomads of the North, the Dineh came to establish their own world.

example graphic Window Rock is a red stone arch and mystical rock formation, an important part of the Dineh cosmology.


Mesa Verde. Spanish for "Green Table," Mesa Verde was the home of the ancestral Pueblo People for over seven centuries, from AD 600-AD 1300. To date, the park protects over 4,000 most notable and best preserved archeological sites in the U.S., including 600 imposing cliff dwellings as well as village remains on the mesa top.

Big Sheep Mountain (Dibe' Nitsaa), the Navajo sacred mountain to the north.

example graphic Mount Blanca (Tsisnaasjini' - Dawn or White Shell Mountain), Navajo Sacred Mountain of the East, near Alamosa in San Luis Valley, Colorado.